Andrea McCurdy

Andrea McCurdy is Melbourne-based emerging artist, originally from Germany where she has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours from the National Fashion School of Germany in Hamburg. She subsequently worked as a fashion designer in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Working mostly on canvas with acrylic paint, ink, pastels and markers, Andrea is interested in textures and mixed-media layers, and often combines a rough, colourful surface with translucent, stylised detail - regularly depicting an aspect of childhood. Her work finds whimsy in the chaos of colour and abstraction, combined with simple silhouetted illustration, often referenced directly from photographs and designed to create a sense of balance.

She is drawn to capturing candid moments that bring out our own inner child; the pure essence of play, wonder or togetherness. Andrea works organically, to evoke a sense of nostalgia in her work - harking back to simpler times, when life was not as noisy. 

“My paintings reflect my external and internal environments, with my emotional states being transferred onto the canvas without conscious effort. Although, I work intuitively and soulfully, never knowing where a new piece is leading me, I often use a similar approach”.

Andrea has begun exhibiting and selling her work, and has taken on commissions.