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Artist's Studio 106 

Rosie Lovell

Rosie was born and raised in Switzerland and migrated to Australia in 1978. After some years in Sydney and Adelaide her family moved to the USA, living first in Hawaii, then Washington DC, and later Chicago. There was another move to South Africa for two years before returning to Australia.

Back in Australia Rosie completed a Diploma of Visual Arts at CAE in Melbourne, majoring in painting. Her moving experiences around the globe made Rosie appreciate the value of the natural environment in terms of its power to give you a sense of place. Surrounded by drought and faced with the desiccation of Melbourne’s gardens prompted her to create images related to climate change.

Rosie’s current work addresses impacts of displacement through migration. Moving between hemispheres and torn between two worlds creates a sense of wonder in what has been discovered, but longing for what has been left behind.

Before emigrating Rosie worked as a teacher in primary school and later completed an Art and Craft Teacher’s Diploma at the School of Applied Arts in Zürich. Over the years she has continued her education with short courses and workshops and is developing her career through her studio practice and exhibitions. 

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