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Level 2, 106 Barkly Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia | @106art |


Artist's Studio 106 

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"St Kilda can be described in three words – creative, diverse and eclectic. Artist's Studio 106 on Barkly street stays true to these very words and is nothing short of inspirational."





Artist's Studio 106 is an independently run studio in the heart of St Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. Home to over 20 local artists, working across a diverse range of disciplines, the studio has been running for 20 years. We're active on Facebook and Twitter and occasionally hold group exhibitions or lease out the gallery space. Have a hunt around the website, or drop by the Contact page to get in touch. Our 'The Power of 20' Melbourne Fringe Festival Exhibition has officially finished, but the works are still up in the gallery, so if you walk past and our sign is out - just come on up to the top of the stairs and say hi. 


Monday > Friday

9:30am > 5.30pm




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